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You took that knife when I was not there

you took the knife without even a care

you took the knife to stab quite deep

into the flesh the knife did seep.

So now, I wonder why do I care

I just sit back to squint and stare

where were you with your thoughts to bare

the truth of then and the truth to care?

Why take the chance to go there?

Why would you even dare?

Now my children wonder why

I look to Hashem, towards the sky

this is family? where did the bonds go?

after all that we've been through.

I just don't get you at all

you brought my respect down

I watched it fall. 

What do i say to my kids?

that what you said were all just fibs?

Your thoughts are not facts at all

So now I have to run with that ball

and turn it around so that they can see

that what you said is not to be

since there's no belief

since there's no relief

since he is gone so long ago

and now we need to continue our own show.

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