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As my father used to say
Don't just think that it's what comes what may
Don't allow them all to say, "hey!"
Slow down! and force you to make their day.
It's not about them, he used to tell
come and listen, sit for a spell
as he would recount and retell
his philosophy about life, he'd push to sell
to convince me that he was right
and push those other thoughts from sight
about those who thought that they knew best
when life appeared to take me to task and to test
when all I wanted was to put to rest
those questions, concerns, angst that fest,
inside my soul that I would rather have lie
so that I could weave that neat bow tie
of life's teachings that came all through school
that sounded to me like they were their golden rule
but for me I just couldn't agree
and for me I just couldn't see
that those rules would ever apply to me
I was my father's daughter, gleefully.
But he's been gone for so long
I often wonder if I sang a song
or two about another way
or path that would take me to make MY day.
So I sit and listen to spend the time
on my dollar, coffee with milk, and my dime
to figure out what's best for me
to rest my soul and for me to see.
I study with the learned I say and think
so that I can turn to my soul to tink
and save my feelings that emote to not sink
and stay inside the Jewish rink.

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