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I love Israel yes I due

Turn my back? no can do.

I would rather fight than sue

then cause my heart to turn black and blue.

It's not that simple to love and then to hate

I would have to return to the starting gate

of time and begin to study once more

to settle this growing horrible score

against the land that I love so

and beat back those who would like to row. 

The ones who claim that I don't know

would rather spout verbiage in their show

of solidarity against our people, our own

and grow those seeds where hate is grown.

So I back down, ignore them, or keep away

so that I don't have to fight yet another day.

But I would and do if I can

to keep my head above the sand.

I love Israel, yes I do

come and listen to my bear, Blue Jew.

He knows why and how when I forget

to say what comes, to hedge my bet.

So I focus on spreading the word

and watch as their word is furled

towards me and others

against my sisters and brothers. 

I love Israel yes I do

Come then listen and sit a spell or two

while I spin a tale or more

and try to settle that nasty score

of those who hate Israel to the core

wanting to show them to the door.

I love Israel, yes I do

until the day that I am black and blue

come and share a story, can you?

of why you love or hate a Jew?

I just don't get what you are saying

why do you spend the time neighing?

against our sisters and brothers over there

I thought that we stand together, to care

but I see that it isn't so

and I am sorry that you have your own show

to tell the world that they aren't right

and kick them from their land, their plight

is to build and fortify

not to heed your battle cries

I do love Israel so

and will not allow you to crow

or grow that hatred, that awful strife

that rattles others to take to the knife

as I say goodbye to the twenty year old Brit

our world nations have taken another hit

it's not that she isn't an Israeli, a Jew

like the world would think, what, go kill her too?

It's because she was a human being like us

and that should be what's all of this fuss

that someone else wished her dead.

and pulled that knife right towards her head.

Now she's gone and he's been called mad

instead of being called killer, that's real sad

and horrible that there's a cause and a reason

to hunt down Jews, during the Holiday season.

I love Israel, yes I do.

I stand by her, I take my cue.

I stand in line, I stand in que.

To all those who hate, whose numbers aren't few

Remember that hate eats you alive

instead of spending the time to thrive

You could find time to hail high five

but instead you look to connive

plots of persecution and scorn

you leave my heart shredded and torn

But I love Israel so

with all my being, from head to toe.

So I will continue then

hatred abounds where it is and when

I have come to realize that hate is hate

and it isn't about that lengthy debate

but rather take the time to sway

your heart and soul come what may

and turn towards the East and then try to say

that you hate Israel, yet another day.

I bet that you will come to see

that eventually the world will dance with glee

that Israel has made them a better day

and then what will you be able to continue to say?

that BDS is the way to go

then stop using this computer, cell phone, camera, and so

you can't you say, try as you might?

then please step out of this very limelight

and allow Israel to rise to shine

and claim back her rightful time

of helping others which she cares to do

and sharing with others, many, not few.

I love Israel, yes I do

Just give me a chance to say a word or two.

I am not brainwashed, down deep in my heart

I am doing what I can, doing my part.

To help Israel carry on her show

and strike BDS with yet another blow.

I send doobis in the 100s, yes I do.

Doobis are teddy bears, take my cue

to step up for Israel, yes you can.

and fight BDS, fight that ban.

I love Israel, yes I do.

You've given me a chance to say a word or two. 

Thank you!

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