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I'm only one prayer away... April, 2017
that's what my father always used to say
and when I would hear those words stay
his caring words would make my day.
He was in my corner day and night
would scare those fears just out of my sight
when I was little and even big
he would make me dance the jig
and now he is gone for 35, many years
that I wonder if I can cry any more tears
yet I miss his care, concern, and motivation
his advice, his laughter, and dedication.
He made my world right all right
no matter, whether, day or night.
He taught me that our people, the insightful Jews
were fully prepared to share their clues
and research, and questions and pay their dues
and too often step down to desist and defuse. 
He guided me towards a love for our land Israel. 
He showed me pride that made my heart swell.
And I sensed down deep he would have lived there
to show my mother that he indeed did care
but Hebrew language was not truly his thing
and to Israel he could not see himself bring
to grow his family and grow the land
and together, we would walk hand in hand.
He didn't get to travel there much
But watched my mother tour and touch
the land, twenty times, that he held dear in is heart.
and found a way to do his part.
We were raised to love the land
to share our own love in a fashion grand.
So now we have arrived as such a time
when we are thinking of how to spend that dime,
or dollar or two even more,
how we can dedicate a place to adore
those two parents of mine who showed us love
of a land and a people from up above. 
What places would best speak for them two
and give them the respect that they are due?
I think of writing stories to remember my mother
to offer a space for my sisters and brothers
to write what they feel that slows them down
and turns their hearts with heavy frowns.
I think of tennis that my father held dear
and remember standing on the sides in cheer
to watch him play and try to win
and study his smile, that widening grin.

But then there were politics, law firm trials, and Junior Great Books
that made me study, take two, with another, observant look. 

My parents made their mark on me
My love for Israel, the land, till the Med sea,
As I turn my thoughts of what to make
so that they can rest in peace, for their sake
I have traveled to Israel to find a place or two
where I can remember them, as due, so true.
I appreciate the love of our people, our land,
what a gift, what a treasure, from heart to hand.


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