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Happy Birthday Caily - a special neshama turns 2 today

Happy Birthday Caily

I cannot believe that it is 2 years since you entered our lives. When the nurse handed you to me you looked so perfect, so complete. 48 hours later our world changed when we were told by the Dr that you had Down Syndrome. You entered this world to “perfect” me, your family and your community. We all learn so much from you, we all learn so much from your happy disposition, endearing personality and charm. You have helped me define what kind of person I am and what kind of family we are. We are all so proud of your achievements, you work so hard to accomplish things – we believe in you and your potential. We are never disappointed just hopeful for what can be achieved with determination, focus and lack of prejudice.

My baby Caily Abba and Imma wish you a Happy Birthday and may you continue to shine a light in our world.

Cousin Gavin wrote this prayer when you were born and the message is still so beautiful today.

Ribono Shel Olam (Master of the
Please hear the prayers of our
humble family.
We pray that the messenger you sent
into our world brings the people she
meets closer to you and closer to each
other. We pray that her untarnished
nishama (soul) brings light into the
hearts of those who need it. We pray
that the lessons she is here to teach
will all be well learned.
May you grant us the wisdom to
never question your judgments but
rather to embrace your challenges.
Hear our cries of joyful gratitude for
the miracle you have bestowed on us,
please remind us of these same cries
on the days when we might need to
remember our infinite mantra Gam
Zu La Tova (Everything is for the
We recognise that our gift from you
is only challenged physically while
spiritually she soars to heights we
cannot comprehend, so thank you for
our precious miracle & thank you for
this opportunity to grow even closer
to you.
May you give our family all the
strength, wisdom and solace we need
to truly embrace, appreciate and
accept our new baby girl always and
forever, because we don’t want to
waste a moment, not even a nano moment
in doubt of your chesed
We love you – and now we really
know you love us too!
With love,
The Family!

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