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So tell me what do you gain

when you cause me more pain

by saying things that do not tell

or sit and bode you well

with me when you say

those things to ruin my day.

I can't believe that you 

go and cause me to

feel the black and feel the blue

from someone that should do

something better and something new.

I doubt that you felt the need

to go and plant that errant seed

but something made you say

to go and break my day

and now what will come what may

from me I might have my way

to tell you to go away

from the thoughts that you think real

and made you think up this ridiculous shpiel. 

Can you rethink of what you told

to my children so brass and so bold

that makes me wonder if you care at all

why say that something not at all small?

So now the damage is done

without protection, under the sun

of truth and light that I so desire

to squash the lies and the liar.

Next time, if it will be

just wait for you to see

what will come of me

if you share talk that never'll be.

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