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A way down the road - school, cheder, shule and a great community

What a difference 24 months can make. 

And Ritalin. I never thought I'd be one of those parents who would do that, but, after pouring my heart out to doctors, headmaster, school psychologists, counsellors and trying everything else, natropathic, homeopathic and almost becoming psychopathic, I tried the drugs. Low and behold, it didn't fix everything but Reuben is a different child! And happier, and more settled and well assimilated at school and achieving! Yay!

AND at cheder, and reading Hebrew. This year, the third year, I actually went and talked to his teachers and finally got some insight on what "stuff" is at cheder. He reads. He can say brachot. He knows some of the songs for Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat morning. I am stunned. So that's what stunned means. We have been going to our local shule at Cremorne regularly too. And I have taken on lighting every Friday and observing Yahrzeits. I never learned anything as a girl. This was done slowly. I spent a lot of time with religious friends over the last 2 years and learned. And now Reuben loves to come along on Friday night and Saturday.

Our Shule has a new Rabbi and Rebbetzin. They are a lovely couple. Very young. With a young family. Reuben is one of the youngest boys who attends regularly and is there every Saturday. He gets to carry the second sefer on a Saturday sometimes and stay up at the bimah with our Rabbi and president. It is so amazing that he is involved. And the congregation is so lovely and wants to teach him too. It's so wonderful. This is not the same Cremorne that I have been coming to for over 30 years! But I am loving it. It is such a great experience. So while I struggled with Reuben not going to a jewish school before, he is loving his school and now thriving. And he is learning and living a fuller jewish life and taking me with him which is how it should be I feel. We are learning together. I just wish I knew more people to encourage them to come more often. I really would like to build my circle of friends in the area.

AND we had our first Upsherin in the family a few months ago cutting Wolfie's hair! SO exciting. My nephew is growing up so fast! 

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