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Jodi's Blog – February 2013 Archive (4)

Raising Caily

Caily turned 5 on February 25. Her birthday is always a time for deep introspection. I still feel like I have a mild case of post traumatic disorder as 5 years later I still have flash backs to that moment on day 2 of Caily’s life when the pediatrician asked “Mrs. Samuels did you have genetic testing?” I…


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A world of EXCESS

We have just returned from a fantastic cruise in the Caribbean. It was my parents’ 40th birthday gift to me - they treated the whole family.

If you have ever been on a cruise then you certainly know that food is a major attraction. Copious amounts of food, all day buffets, free room service, 24 hour ice cream and pizza, fancy dining and midnight carvery - just in case one’s blood sugar dropped dangerously low 15 minutes after that umpteenth slice of pizza.

Food, food and more…


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Hamantashen, why eat that which reminds us of our enemy?

 Purim is approaching and among all the excitement I started thinking about all our interesting things that we do to celebrate this festival. We dress up, so that we can't tell who is who, we have the four mitzvot (mishloach manot, matanot le'evyonim, hearing the megillah and, in true Jewish style, we eat) and another one, probably the most common, is that we eat hamantashen. 

I have always know the reason for this to be because they are triangular, similar to the shape of Haman's…

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The truth about a person's character

According to our Sages: "You can recognize a person's real character by how a person acts b'koso (when his own money is concerned), koso (his glass, his ... of alcohol) and ka'aso (his anger, how the person behaves when he is angry)."

This past Shabbat I had an interesting dilemma.  There was a blizzard in NYC.  I had eagerly been watching the weather.  I had a big Shabbat dinner for 100 people scheduled, a kiddush Saturday morning in honor or Caila's birthday and…


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