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My Aliyah Journey - The 101 Things I wish I Knew Before (Part 2)

The end of summer is peak time for new Olim arriving in Israel and I am reminded that I promised part 2 of my blog “101 things I Wish I Knew before I Made Aliyah”

I often wonder how previous generations made it in Israel. I am not talking about the idealistic pioneers who drained the swamps, survived war, lived without air conditioning, endured shortages while the miracle of the State was becoming a reality. I think of the people just five years before us who made aliya without…


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Secrets to a 25 Year Love Story

Many of you would have heard the story of how Gavin and I met on a street corner in Israel.  Gavin was lost and I gave him directions, he heard my South African accent and we started talking. Gavin jokes that I have been giving him directions ever since. That was 27 years ago and we are celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary this week. I'm sure you've also heard Gavin’s playful complaint that they give you less than 25 years for murder! He also always jokes that someone should build a…

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Why I Love Traveling

I have just finished a five-week journey to Thailand, Australia and Myanmar with my three children traveling without my husband. I admit that it’s not common for an Orthodox Jewish woman to travel to exotic locations with three kids one of which has special needs. If you think you are surprised you should see what the locals think to see a white woman on her own with three kids. We travel to see the locals and in the end we are as much the entertainment for the…


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Celebrating the Impossible

Several weeks ago, we were invited to an adults-only BBQ. It was Lag B’Omer when every teenager in Israel is out until 3am and there were no babysitters in the whole country. We declined the invitation because we knew it would be impossible to find a babysitter and our older kids would be out all night but our friend insisted we come and allowed an exception to the no-kid rule so for Caila  because she is so well behaved.



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לחגוג את הבלתי אפשרי

לפני מספר שבועות הוזמנו למדורת ל"ג בעומר שתוכננה למבוגרים בלבד. …


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The Crazy Mom

My kids think I am crazy. Probably also quirky, obsessive and a scatter brain. I guess I am all of these!

Those of you who know me probably think of me as a responsible, capable and passionate person who can do whatever she puts her mind to. Those who know me a little more know that I am actually quite shy, and I really have to leave my comfort zone to be a public personality. I guess I am like a musician who can perform on stage in front of a crowd even though…


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My Aliya Journey - the 101 things I wish I knew before

Standing in a very long line to get my phone registered so that it could work while exploring Ethiopia made me realize just how efficient and first world Israel actually is.  Now, to be clear,  I am not suggesting that I have gotten used to Israeli bureaucracy it’s just that relative to Africa things are MUCH better.

When I first made aliya some people told me it would take 3 years to settle in. Others said 7 years and some said 20 years. Now that I am 3 ½…

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The Real People

I have this mental vision of Caila’s days at school - it’s of someone standing on tipped toes and stretching their arms out. The person does this for hours on end. I am pretty sure this describes Caila’s experience trying to keep up in an inclusion environment.

Many professionals have told us over the years that Caila should also engage with people who have special needs as well. Twice a week she attends an afternoon program with kids who mainly have Down…


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The past few weeks have been busy for my children and all their peers involved in the Bnei Akiva Youth Movement. My kids eagerly wait for Chodesh Irgun - the month when the leadership transitions to the next group of 15 year old madrichim. The whole month is defined by fun activities and the culmination of this excitement and sleep deprivation is a big weekend that goes from Thursday night to Sunday morning.

Our local Bnei Akiva recently started a group for people with special needs…


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Real Jewish Mothers

I have always been a working mom. I went back to work when my first child was 6 weeks old. I worked literally until my second child was born. I was so adamant to finish a project that Gavin sat in my office in Manhattan timing my contractions and we went straight to the hospital and I answered emails on my blackberry a few hours post birth.…


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Twist of Fate

I started writing this blog August in Cuba and we are now in Czech Republic and the same ideas resurfaced. 

Street child or rich kid? Communist or capitalist? Living in war torn terror or an American life of pleasure?…


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Twist of Fate

Street child or rich kid? Communist or capitalist? Living in war torn terror or an American life of pleasure?

We landed in Cuba last month and the scene at the old dilapidated airport is straight out of the movies. Hundreds of happy Cuban's are waiting to greet loved ones. Many are seeing relatives…


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למה בכיתי היום כיפור הזה

ביקשתי כיסא מאוד ספציפי בבית הכנסת. כיסא במעבר אבל עם קו תצפית לחלון.

אני צריכה שתהיה לי אפשרות להשגיח על קיילה, בתי בת ה-9 עם תסמונת דאון, כשהיא משחקת


תמירה, בתי השנייה, בת ה-15, מחליפה איתי משמרות שמירה על קיילה כל 15 דקות, לכן אנו

זקוקות לגישה נוחה אל חצר בית הכנסת.

בכל פעם שהבטתי החוצה מהחלון, ליבי יצא אל קיילה. היא עמדה או ישבה לבד, והפנים שלה נראו

עצובות כל כך. התפקוד של קיילה גבוה במיוחד…


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Why I Cried This Yom Kippur

I requested a very specific seat in shul - an aisle seat but in line with the window. I need to be able to keep an eye on Caila, who is 9 years old with Down syndrome, while she plays outside. Temira, my other daughter who is 13 and I take turns every 15 minutes to go check on Caila and so we need easy access in and out.…


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Incredible Caila

Caila finished second grade in Israel this week. School has always been challenging for us. Integrating a child in a regular class is hard work. From fighting our way into schools, convincing the schools that Caila has a right to be there, teaching the schools about inclusion and finding the right support staff and professionals. That's just the beginning you then need to deal with curriculum modification, behavior strategies, social integration strategies and educating the administration,…


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Living in the Era of Prophecy

Our Rabbis teach us that Prophecy ended more than 2,000 years ago in the era of Ezra and Nehemiah and it is always surprising and confusing to me how many people today seem to think that they are somehow plugged in to the deepest secrets of the universe and how free they are in sharing in a profoundly authoritative way, how we should interpret events that occur in our lives.


Many years ago we were looking to buy the apartment next door to ours in New York City.  We heard from…


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I am only one prayer away

I'm only one prayer away... April, 2017

that's what my father always used to say

and when I would hear those words stay

his caring words would make my day.

He was in my corner day and night

would scare those fears just out of my sight

when I was little and even big

he would make me dance the jig

and now he is gone for 35, many years

that I wonder if I can cry any more tears

yet I miss his care, concern, and motivation

his advice, his…


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India Musing

Traveling India is not for the faint hearted. It's magical and mysterious.  It's full of sights and sounds and color.  You are exposed to filth, poverty and masses of humanity. Each new place you arrive in feels like a different country. It tugs on your soul, inspires you and awakens adventure. Our family has a hunger for travel and thirst for information and India provides never ending…


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Tomorrow's song

When life is going another way

and you wonder how to make your day

with the thoughts that all is gone

and life is not so special under your sun

you wonder how it all begun

with that wonder of fiction and fun?

was that the story that brought me a son?

so then why do I feel so glum?

with what's up today and I feel bummed?

Can things change and feel the hum 

of a new tomorrow, and not feel glum?

Can life go on and once…


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You took that knife

You took that knife when I was not there

you took the knife without even a care

you took the knife to stab quite deep

into the flesh the knife did seep.

So now, I wonder why do I care

I just sit back to squint and stare

where were you with your thoughts to bare

the truth of then and the truth to care?

Why take the chance to go there?

Why would you even dare?

Now my children wonder why

I look to Hashem, towards the…


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