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Rebecca is a wife and mother of four (bli ayin hara). She holds an MA in Applied Anthropology and taught six
years in L.A. elementary schools. When she realized her salary was
just about paying for the nanny and a lot of kosher
take-out, she abandoned both roles to be a full-time
homemaker. When not folding laundry, cooking, playing tea party, or
wiping tushies, Rebecca dabbles at writing. Her first book is
A Dozen Daisies for Raizy (Hachai 2008), and she has
also penned stories for local (L.A.) magazines Jewish Life and
CitySpirit. Rebecca's fiction has appeared in Mishpacha Junior and Aim magazines.


Enjoy My Articles:

What Are You Planning to Do with Your Extra Adar?
Lucky for us: we have two Adars this year! Jewish leap-years are a little more challenging to figure out than secular ones, so most of us only recall there’s an Adar Sheini coming 1) when we realize, “Rosh Hashanah was awfully early this year!”
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A Tu B’Shevat Garden for You and Your Children
A few years ago, while expecting my first daughter, I craved flowers.
Most normal women—and I’ve never been "normal"—experience cravings for particular foods while pregnant. Popular favorites of the pregnant lady include chocolate, red meat, and ice cream.
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Where The Mild Things Are
Most of us remember the childhood classic, Where the Wild Things Are. In it, the mischievous Max trashes his house and terrorizes the family pet until his mother sends him to his room. Once there, the boy fantasizes about a voyage to the land of the Wild Things. In this marvelous isle, he can be as rowdy and ferocious as he wants.
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Our Very Hungry Caterpillars
About 2 hours before a recent Shabbos, my 3 year old daughter and I
watered the container garden in the back of our apartment building.
Alternating waves of heat and rain here in
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Your Mother is Coming!
At this time of year, we all need some strategies with which to
fight our ultimate enemy. But where is a busy wife with little kids
supposed to turn for weapons to fight this war? More
. . .

Sometimes even Mommies
have bad days

If you have ever read the book Alexander and the Terrible,
Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day
, you may remember the page.
Alexander finally adjourns to bed at the end of his terrible,
horrible, no-good, very bad day. He sounds resigned, yet also
comforted. Why? Because his mother has just informed him that “some
days are just like that.”
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Jewish Books for Jewish

I’m embarking on a series of articles about sharing life lessons
with your children through classic children’s literature. While
these will mostly be secular books, I don’t want to go far into my
series without giving a boost to frum Jewish book publishers.

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Go with the Flow
When planning outings for your children, you can be sure that at
least one thing will not go as planned. Usually, it’s something
small: a sippy cup left on the kitchen table, one too few diapers
in the diaper bag, a cellphone forgotten at home. These
misadventures—and how you handle them—can teach your children more
about life than the picture perfect vacation ever could. More . .

10 Fun Ways to Use School
Year Skills Throughout Summer Vacation

A lot of parents fear that, over the summer, their children will forget everything they learned during the school year. With a
little forethought, you can turn the summer into a meaningful—and
fun!—educational experience with activities that build on the
skills they’ve learned.
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