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Jodi Samuels

Jodi Samuels, Co-Founder of Metroimma, has an interesting and hectic life to say the least. You'll be intrigued as you follow her tips and lessons on Jodi’s Blog.

Hannah Katsman

Hannah Katsman is a US born mom to many, now A Mother in Israel. She blogs on topics that interest Jewish moms no matter where they live.

Hadassah Sabo Milner

Hadassah Sabo Milner is a writer, chef, baker, candlestick maker ;)
– but mainly spends her time being a mom of 4 +3.

Esti Berkowitz

Primetime Parenting is about Esti Berkowitz, a nice Jewish girl who turned around and realized she was married, religious, and had three kids after age 35.

Karen Brooks

Karen Brooks is a New York-based mom of two. As a fashion/beauty writer, author and blogger, she shares her beauty insights on Beauty Boosts

Chana Jenny Weisberg

Chana Jenny Weisberg's mission in life is to help Jewish mothers feel happier and more inspired as moms. She has written two popular books and created

Raquel Rosenberg

Raquel works her internet-savvy mamma knowledge at in between teaching and taking care of her family.

Ivy Bernard

Ivy Bernard, also known as Miss Jewess, enchants her readers by sharing her latest finds, hotest trends, and sprinkling her posts with Torah in unexpected ways.

Julie Wiener

Julie Wiener is associate editor at The New York Jewish Week, where she writes about education, intermarriage and parenting. She lives in Queens with her lapsed Catholic husband and their two daughters.

Lisa Brandes

A Managing Director of MADISONLEE Group, Lisa serves as a wealth advisor & registered investment advisor. She also serves on the board of JICNY & has mentored underprivileged children at the Free Arts Program.

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