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MetroImma began its life in the Jodi Samuels lounge. Jodi & Allen were talking, that while there are many mom sites, none address the specific needs and desires of Jewish mothers. Jodi and Allen have been long time family friends and after sharing many beers on a beach, they decided to start a site that provides a Jewish twist to the standard areas that interest moms and that's how the professionals that bring you MetroImma united. The team brings attitude, passion for city living and extra-ordinary marketing skills to MetroImma!

Our vision is to be the destination site for Jewish Mom’s to socialize, connect and network. We will provide the platform, the tips, the resources and you create a community.

Allen Ganz: Based in New York, Allen Ganz has over 20 years hands-on experience with start up ventures in emerging markets, positioning companies for growth and evaluating merger and acquisition opportunities. Over the years, he has amassed a proven track record of identifying and developing new technology and market opportunities, creating strategic partnerships and long-term technology license agreements. In addition to providing strategic direction for these growth companies, he has also held global sales management responsibility. He is now a principal consultant focused on growth strategies and channel development for small and mid size companies in emerging market segments. Allen also reports to Frances Zelazny Ganz the CEO of the Ganz household. He is also proud father of Noa (4), Ilana (1 year) and in another life he would have liked to be a MOM.

Jodi Samuels: Based in New York, Jodi Samuels brings over 15 years of diverse international business management and startup experience. Jodi has worked in the not-for-profit, finance, fashion, beauty and automotive sectors. She successfully started up 2 non-profit Jewish organizations including the Jewish International Connection New York that currently boasts 10,000 members from 40 countries. Jodi recently sold her share in a for-profit corporate training business of which she was a founding partner. Her expertise in strategic and relationship online marketing, as well as business development, has given her the foundation to acquire and retain a strong membership base with non profits. She is known as a connector and networker in the community and has an impressive Rolodex of C-level contacts in the business and non-profit sectors. Jodi actively serves on 3 boards. Jodi is famously known for sleeping 3 hours a night. She is also famous for delegating and writing lists for everyone in her life. It’s a fact that her kids “draw” lists for her – they think lists are a sign of love. Gavin Samuels her husband would definitely have been a stay home MOM if he could!

About is a one of a kind social networking site that focuses on the Jewish cultural aspects of marriage, parenting and raising children. With an initial focus on the New York area, MetroImma plans to provide active forums featuring other cities. What makes MetroImma unique is that it offers a Jewish twist to the standard areas that interest moms – schools, cooking, beauty, fitness, travel with children, juggling marriage and children, and other general childrearing issues. The site is organized across mommy-focused groups that are run by subject matter experts who moderate discussions and provide advice. Members can also initiate their own groups and conversations and keep in touch with other mom friends in a fun and user-friendly environment. MetroImma is a division of JMedia Connections Inc.

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