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Dear Slovie and Moms,

I have a fifteen month old son. He is beginning to understand his environment more and more every day. I really want to begin to introduce him to the Jewish world, faith, idea of Hashem, but don't know where to start. I really want to make it fun for him so that he grows to love it. Thank you so much!


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hi Sonia,
it is never too early to introduce our children to faith. In fact, we are told of great Sages who were taken by their mothers to synagogue in their baby carriages so that they could absorb words of Torah...and we know of studies done with newborns who show that they recognize their mother's voices at just a few days old from all the time spent in utero, so they are definitely absorbing. When you light Shabbos candles, take your 15 month old over , afterwards, to see the candles and whisper "Shabbos", "Shabbos". Play Jewish tapes(there are so many great children's cd's out now) so that your child is familiar with Jewish songs. Sing Modeh Ani each morning and put your child to bed while singing Shema. Before eating, make your brachas outloud so the he knows what a bracha is, and teach him to say Amen. Also, there are many great children's books that you can buy and pont out various symbols of Judaism. the pont is to make judaism an integral part of your child's life and don't wait for him to get older-he is absorbing words, songs, and visuals now.Let him also see your love for mitzvahs and Judaism as you celebrate the holidays and Shabbos-too often children pick up tensions and stress from our emotions and words as we try to get it all together.
Dear Slovie,

Thank you so much for such wonderful and meaningful response. I particularly appreciate the practical examples of what I can do. And this is such an important thought that never occurred to me - in order for our children to enjoy Judaism we much enjoy it too! Thank you!!!


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