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Looking for an organic school for my kids in Flatbush/Borough Park

Hi ladies. My husband and I are unhappy with where we've been sending our kids for play group and kindergarten. They are boys ages two and four. Among other things, the school refuses to change my four year old's menu without a note from a doctor. A parent's request is not good enough. I once met a couple at the Flatbush Coop who told me the they were starting an all organic kids school in Borough Park. If anyone knows about this or can make any other recommendations for schools in the area, please let me know, even if the menu is not organic. We have had other issues with the school, including my husband hurting his hands badly by a window falling on his fingers when he was trying to open it for them to bring in some air as my kids were too hot and they had kept my two year old in a sweater under those conditions the whole day and lied about it. Thanks.

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