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Dear Friends,


We are writing to you because this Sunday, September 19th  is one of those "only in NYC moments" that we are privileged to experience in our incredible urban backyard. 


In celebration of Sukkot, this Sunday September 19th at dawn through Monday September 20th at dusk, 12 radical, temporary and avant garde structures will be built and installed in Union Square Park in a project called Sukkah City. There were hundreds of entries from architects around the world. Only 12 were chosen by a jury of incredible architects in their own right. New York Magazine is hosting a people's choice award for the winning structure to remain for the duration of the entire holiday. Moreover, all of the Sukkot are being auctioned to raise money for Housing Works


We have nothing to do with this project, only a commitment with our fellow downtown families that our families' celebrations of Jewish identity is something that should transcend the walls of our homes and be integrated into the culture, joy and very fabric of our lives. Sukkah City affords one of those unique moments.


Our families will be hitting Sukkah City sometime Sunday at varying times. Trust us, run, don't walk to see these Sukkot.


Looking forward to many outings with all of you throughout the year. Shanah Tovah and see you at JCP.



Francine Hermelin Levite (Kesher parent)

Beth Brownstein (Mechina parent)

Molly Snyder (Kesher parent)


Jewish Community Project, Downtown (“JCP”), 146 Duane Street, New York, N.Y. 10013

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