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Active Schools are on the MOVE with Michelle Obama!

by SusieQ

Childhood Obesity may slowly diminish over the next five years to come, with the help of our First Lady, Michelle Obama! Children are about to become healthier one school at a time with the federally recommended 60minutes of activity daily.  Let’s Move has launched the Active Schools program to get 50,000 schools more active with Nike’s $50 million dollar investment to help fund & create active environments for kids.  The official announcement was made on “The Dr. Oz Show” by Mrs. Obama.  The initiative will allow school principals, teachers, administrators, staff, parents & students to be “school champions” for their school community!

Joining the ranks to step forward as a Physical Educator is Celebrity Fitness Trainer SusieQ; who will bring the popular “Watch Your Mouth! Food Fight!” characters with her for many kids to meet during this exciting national campaign! SusieQ believes that we have an obligation to make things easier for kids to make the right choices; while teaching them to “Eat the Rainbow” (not candy!).  Making a lasting contribution towards the Active School program is exactly what SusieQ FitLife plans to provide with a big upcoming announcement in June on the www.SusieQFitLife site that will impact many children across New York City and beyond! Students from the PS. 197, School Project Aspire Scrubs Club; have already received a glimpse of the FitLife excitement of what SusieQ & America’s favorite TV Psychologist, Dr. Jeff Gardere can deliver!

Moderate & vigorous daily exercise can improve academic performance; enhance concentration and increase problem solving skills for adolescents; according to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.  Many children are living a sedentary lifestyle of spending 7-9hrs a day in front of a TV set, computer screen & video games, with little to no exercise.  Mental resilience can improve the personal health of kids within our community, once our youth are provided with the tools to “Get a FitLife!” Surprisingly, only 1 in 3 children are active on a daily basis with only nine states requiring recess in elementary schools.  Physical Education is currently offered in 2% of high schools, 4% of elementary schools and 8% of middle schools.  Changes need to be made in order for kids to release the excessive natural energy they have through activities that can help them stay clear of trouble. 

Michelle Obama explains “It’s about all of us coming together to make being active a way of life for our kids. Anyone, in any community, can become a champion to bring physical education back to their school.” Thank goodness for the growth of the Let’s Move three year campaign & the new Active Schools program on 

Young children spend a significant amount of time in school; hence the importance of why this program focuses on the school environment as a key place for students to stay healthy, while reaching their potential goals.  "Let's Move!" has also improved school lunches and emphasizes the importance of eating natural & unprocessed foods.  In New York the PS.244 School is the first to create an all-vegetarian menu of tofu/spinach wraps & the kids are enjoying it! 

Spending cuts have occurred within many schools completely eliminating physical education for classroom instruction.  “Good health is not an add-on to a good education. Our children need to be healthy to be prepared to learn, and we know active students are better able to engage in the classroom and excel academically. We need more of our schools creating environments that promote physical activity and play and encourage our students to get moving” says Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. 

Test scores can improve with the smallest amount of activity to keep any child motivated in school.

Anyone can become a “school champion” by becoming a good example for any child! Let’s Move! Watch Your Mouth & Get a FitLife!

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