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I Love Barbie

Started by MI Post in Voice Mar 12, 2014.

A sad finish for some in Boston...

Started by MI Post in Freestyle Apr 17, 2013.

Passover/Gluten Free Egg Roll

Started by MI Post in Weekly Recipe Mar 5, 2013.


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Incredible Caila

Caila finished second grade in Israel this week. School has always been challenging for us. Integrating a child in a regular class is hard work. From fighting our way into schools, convincing the schools that Caila has a right to be there, teaching the schools about inclusion and finding the right support staff and professionals. That's just the beginning you then need to deal with curriculum modification, behavior strategies, social integration strategies and educating the administration, parents and kids about inclusion. Its a job for Mama Grissly with boxing gloves....

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I Love Barbie

by Rose Baum

When I was growing up my mother didn’t buy me Barbie dolls.  She just didn’t think I needed them.  I would play with them at my friends’ houses.  When I had my two girls I also didn’t buy them simply because they weren’t on my radar.  They had plenty of toys and I also felt it was unnecessary. More . . .

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Escarole and Chicken Meatball Soup

by Tamar Genger

The weather starts to get colder and all I want is a nice hot bowl of a soup. The best part is that soups can be a great way to get lots of vegetables and eat low calorie. This soup is a one pot meal, you can put rice in the soup or serve it on the side or leave it out.

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Active Schools are on the MOVE with Michelle Obama!

Childhood Obesity may slowly diminish over the next five years to come, with the help of our First Lady, Michelle Obama! Children are about to become healthier one school at a time with the federally recommended 60minutes of activity daily. Let’s Move has launched More . . .

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Featured Mom: Dahlia Bellows

Dahlia Bellows started her career as a social worker in child welfare, but was encouraged to pursue her passion and become a professional organizer.  She started her business, Your Amazing Space, in 2006 where she specializes in helping expectant mothers stay organized. More . . .

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